• 3D assets for Haworth collection in Chaos Cosmos.
  • Build 3D model and product rendering for JANUS et Cie
  • Freelance for Stagemaker Sdn. Bhd. in Extended Reality(XR) Virtual Merdeka 2021, RTM with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Outdoor digital signage 3D Animation promo video for V-Series International Group.
  • Interactive 3D floor directory, Pavilion Bukit Jalil for V-Series International Group.
  • Interactive VR mock-up using Shapespark.
  • Multiple VR 360 project using Yulio VR for Haworth.
  • Multiple Animation Project for Haworth sales and brand marketing.
  • VR Application for Haworth furniture showcase at Orgatech and Clerkenwell Design Week.
  • Explainer Animation Video for Haworth Operational Execution Process.
  • Freelance for Arikah Prestij Sdn Bhd. Involved in motion graphic creation for RTM TV program such “Aksi Roda” Aksi Deco” and “Solusi Alam”.
  • Owlery “Dine & Grid”. Involved in video production for local restaurant, promote their cooking and dishes on social media.
  • Oh My English! Buddy Mobile Apps. Involved in 3D design and character animation for ASTRO mobile apps.
  • Container Resort Janda Baik. Involved in 3D design for container resort in Janda Baik.
  • KM Submission Semporna Island, Sabah. Involved in 3D design on overall plan view for architect company.
  • Spaceship 3D design for Japanese arcade & Pachinko game.
  • Hidden Dawn PC game.

Awards and Training

  • Attended Unreal Academy London : December 11-13, 2018.
  • The Best in 3D Manipulations : Week of July 14 – July 21, 2008